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Celebrate diversity in art from across the globe.

Welcome to our online art gallery, a virtual celebration of diversity in art. Our digital gallery showcases both old and emerging styles of art, highlighting the fact that their meeting point is right here in the present. Each style is vital to our culture and discovering them helps us learn more about ourselves. Explore our collections to uncover the beauty in diverse styles, discover new masters from the past and present, and buy art online to grow your collection. We offer a captivating variety of original art for sale, curated to reveal different interpretations of beauty from the past and present. Through our gallery located in St. Moritz and our online art gallery, you will discover a resource to expand your collection with art from new styles and eras. We showcase old masters and modern artists alike, offering a chance for visitors to dive deeper into new realms of the art world. We showcase diversity in opinions and beauty by sharing artwork from different artists and mediums across time. Our founder, Rabie Hari Kane, turned his love of art into a profession, giving great artists and collectors a platform to share their passions. From well-known Swiss artists such as Jean Bloé Niestle and Alois Carigiet, to collections of Peter Carl Fabergé or Helmut Newton, we aim to uplift imagery from the past and present and instill a curiosity for art that lasts into the future.


We invite you to browse our virtual art gallery exhibition rooms. Let the artwork surprise you as it conjures new ideas of beauty. Enjoy the experience and let it inspire you to continue your art exploration and collection. Thank you for taking the time to visit our online art gallery and discover new depths of your passion for art.